JOSC Board Spotlight

Continuing our thanks and appreciation of all the Jacksonville Onslow Sports Commission Board Members do here is the next Board Blog. The Jacksonville Onslow Sports Commission would not be able to bring our community the many great and fun events that we do if it was not for our board members. We wanted to take the time to thank them for all of their support. We also want everyone to get to know our board a little better. What they do is really great, from helping brainstorm new ideas to being at the events to make sure everything goes smoothly, they do it all. The board was given a short questionnaire about all things sport related, here are what a few of them had to say:


What is your favorite sport to play?

John Kopka – Director: Looking at beautiful women…. Or football.

Michael Carter: European Team Handball, Softball and Football

Jackie Barton: Softball


What is your favorite sport to watch?

John Kopka: College football

Michael Carter: College football and basketball

Jackie Barton: Basketball


What are your favorite teams?

John Kopka: NFL is the Patriots, Super Bowl 51 Champs! Yankees for the MLB, and Notre Dame for college

Michael Carter: NFL is the Baltimore Ravens, Baltimore Orioles for MLB, Philadelphia Flyers and the New York Islanders when it comes to NHL, and Duke fan for NCAA

Jackie Barton: NFL is the Pittsburgh Steelers, NBA is the Golden State Warriors, fan of the Detroit Tigers for MLB, and NCAA is University of North Carolina.


How did you get involved with the Jacksonville Onslow Sports Commission?

John Kopka: I was asked by Delma Collins and George Jones; was then directed to participate by Dr. Ron Lingle.

Michael Carter: Originally started as a liaison for the Board from the Jacksonville Recreation and Parks Department.

Jackie Barton: Started in the advisory committee.


Have you worked with or in the Sports Industry before your involvement with the Jacksonville Onslow Sports Commission? What did you do when working in sports?

Michael Carter: I have had a lot of involvement in sports prior to working with the Jacksonville Onslow Sports Commission. I worked with the Jacksonville Recreation and Parks Department for over 30 years, coached youth baseball and softball, adult softball, and also was an umpire for High School softball, recreation baseball and softball and basketball. I also officiated intramurals while I attended college.


How long have you been involved with the Jacksonville Onslow Sports Commission?

John Kopka: Has been involved for 10+ years.

Michael Carter: Involved with the JOSC for over 10 years.

Jackie Barton: I am going into my 2nd year of involvement with the Jacksonville Onslow Sports Commission.


What is your favorite part of being on the Jacksonville Onslow Sports Commission Board?

John Kopka: Being involved with some terrific people and involvement with all types of sports is my favorite part.

Michael Carter: Making a difference for the community by bringing sports to the community. Working at the various events, watching athletes enjoy themselves playing their sport, and working with the board and staff members.

What is your favorite sport related memory?

John Kopka: Being a member of the Quantico Marine Football Team (1964-1965).

Michael Carter: On an individual level it is running in the local Junior Olympics Middle School 400 relay, and taking the baton from 4th to 1st place in the second leg of the race. The joy came when I got home and found out that my dad attended the event. On a professional sport level it was watching Secretariat win the Triple Crown, watching the Orioles sweep the Dodgers in the 1966 World Series on TV. Also, attending game 2 of the 1983 World Series Baltimore Orioles and Philadelphia Phillies and attending the 1977 Baltimore Colts and Oakland Raiders playoff game.


Which of the Jacksonville Onslow Sports Commission events is your favorite?

John Kopka: Marine Federal Credit Union Football Jamboree

Michael Carter: All of them, especially Coastal Bank and Trust Hall of Fame


What event would you love to see come to Jacksonville?

John Kopka: Anything that accomplishes our mission is great.

Michael Carter: Quidditch was something I thought would be great for the Community. Also,  Women’s Field Hockey, Indoor Soccer, Rugby, Youth Baseball and softball tournaments, Young Adult Wood Bat Team/League/Tournament would be great events to bring to the area. Improvements on disc golf, archery, darts and bowling would be great as well.

Staff pick cool fact!

Kylie Flickinger: I thought this was a very cool fact so I wanted to add it to this blog. Michael Carter parachuted out of the very first plane he ever flew in!

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