About JOSC


The Jacksonville-Onslow Sports Commission was created at a joint meeting of the Jacksonville City Council and the Onslow Commissioners in July of 1999. This formation was recommended by an ad-hoc committee. The Jacksonville-Onslow Sports Commission became free-standing in July of 2002 when the first board of directors, other than the elected officials of the City and County, took office. The group set criteria for the hiring of an executive director and putting the mission of the Sports Commission into action within Jacksonville and Onslow County.



The Jacksonville-Onslow Sports Commission is committed to fostering economic development and quality of life through sports in Jacksonville and Onslow County, North Carolina.



The Onslow County, North Carolina-based 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation is governed by a City of Jacksonville and Onslow County appointed board of directors. Interested in serving? Fill out our Advisory Committee Application and a staff member will be in contact with you. The JOSC partners with Onslow County Tourism, City of Jacksonville and Onslow County Governments, Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, Marine Corps Air Station New River, City of Jacksonville Recreation and Parks, Onslow County Parks and Recreation, Onslow County School System and many other organizations to attract, produce and support quality sporting events and activities, primarily to promote in-bound sports travel. The JOSC Staff work with our partners and clients to provide venue and facility procurement, city and county services, event planning and operations, marketing and public relations, sponsorship, hospitality and entertainment, promotions and government relations.

The JOSC is funded in part by the City of Jacksonville Tourism Development Authority and the Onslow County Tourism Fund, along with individual sponsors and corporate partnerships. The JOSC owns and operates multiple events in order to have a direct impact on sports tourism for Onslow County, as well as, to produce funds to continue the promotion of other events happening within the county. As part of  our, mission we foster economic impact for the Jacksonville and Onslow County, in doing so, we offer grants to events that show an economic in our community. If interested in applying for a grant fill out our Event Grant Request Form. We also time road races for community events. If you would like to request the JOSC to time your race fill out our Race Timing Equipment Information..

We have a quarterly newsletter that highlights our upcoming events, community events and our sponsors. To view the latest version click here.