2017-18 Board of Directors


Steve Goodson

President of the Corporation and Chairman of the Board - County Appointed

Davidson Myers

Vice-President of the Corporation and Vice-Chairman of the Board - City Appointed

Steve Wangerin

Treasurer of the Corporation and Treasurer of the Board - City Appointed

Jackie Barton

Board Member - City Appointed

John Kopka

Executive Committee, Member At-Large - County Appointed

April Clark

Board Member - County Appointed

Carol McIntyre

Past-President of the Corporation and Past-Chairman of the Board, Executive Committee Member At-Large - City Appointed

Matt Coxe

Board Member - County Appointed

Dr. Scott Playford

Board Member - City Appointed

Jamie Roush

Board Member - City Appointed

Mary Thomas

Board Member - County Appointed

Mike Tuton

Board Member - City Appointed

Non-Voting Board Members

Susan Baptist – City of Jacksonville Recreation Liaison

Glenn Hargett– City of Jacksonville Liaison

Mike Carter – Director Emeritus

Ken Hagan – Director Emeritus

Greg Grantham– Onslow County Schools Athletic Coordinator Liaison

Sheila Knight– JOED Liaison

Michael Lazzara – Director Emeritus

Laurette Leagon – Jacksonville Onslow Chamber of Commerce Liaison

Kristen Loflin – Onslow County Tourism Liaison

B.J. Morgan – Director Emeritus

Al Reyer – Director Emeritus

Kim Oliver – Marine Corps Community Services Liaison

Tammie Shermeyer – Marine Corps Community Services Liaison

Rick Perry – Onslow County Recreation Liaison

Jay Sollis – Director Emeritus